Research Interests in Our Lab

Research interests in our lab can be divided into four categories

Introduction to the Lab

Welcome to the lab!

Gen. Epidemiology & Pop. Genetics

Uric Acid-Related Genes and Transporters

Clinical Pharmacology

New Drug Development

Health Data Science

Uric Acid and Its Relation to
Clinical and Risk Factors


Cost-Benefit Analysis for Current
Available COVID-19 Drugs and Vaccines

Introduction to the Urate Dynamics

Our lab builds models
exploring the urate dynamics in
a purine metabolic pathway.

We understand uric acid as an agent
reflecting the dynamic equilibrium of
the purine metabolic pathway.

Genetic Epidemiology & Population Genetics

Our lab identifies uric acid-related genes
and transporters. Each gene is good target for Urate lowering therapy (ULT). 

We’re dedicating to develop the next generation ULT! It is coming and new future is near.

Our goal is to investigate whether
uric acid-related genes and transporters
are related to chronic diseases, especially
chronic kidney disease (CKD)

We use next-generation sequencing
for rare variants in the genomic detection
of inherited rare diseases.

Screening of just two ethnic-specific variants (p.Trp258* and p.Arg90His) identified 87.7% (71/81) of Korean patients with monogenic hypouricemia. 

Scientific Reports 2019

A rare, nonsense variant SLC22A12 p.W258X showed the most significant association with reduced SUA levels, and PRSs of common variants associated with SUA levels were significant in multiple Korean cohorts.

Scientific Reports 2020


We  found the uric acid lowering gene (URAT1 and GLUT9) using WES and GWAS.

Variants-of-interest are validated
by the functional analysis.

-Biomedicine 2021

Clinical Pharmacology

Our lab has contributed to
clinical pharmacology and
is passionate about new
drug development. 


We design and conduct phase 1
clinical trial, bridging study, and
pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD)

Clarelli, Fabrizio, et al. “Multi-scale modeling of drug binding kinetics to predict drug efficacy.” Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 77.3 (2020): 381-394.

We consult the investigational
new drug (IND) application
and eventually submit a new drug
application (NDA).

Check out Clinical Trial Center
at the Ajou University Medical Center

Human Data Science

Our lab examines uric acid and its relation to
clinical and risk factors in human health.
We build a prediction model with the data-driven
hypotheses, ultimately identifying not-yet-known
causal factors for chronic diseases.

The prediction model is built with
top-notch statistical models
using artificial intelligence,
big data, and machine learning

Our current research goal is to
the Real-World Evidence (RWE)
using the Real-World-Ready Datasets (RWD).

Snyder, J. M., Pawloski, J. A., & Poisson, L. M. (2020). Developing Real-world Evidence-Ready Datasets: Time for Clinician Engagement. Current oncology reports22(5), 1-8.

A kind of RWD, the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership of the Common Data Model (OMOP-CDM), is a product of harmonizing data collected for a different purpose (i.e., Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and administrative claims data).

OMOP-CDM consists of standardized data and information, including terminologies,
vocabularies, and coding schemes.

OMOP-CDM allows researchers to minimize information loss using standardized formats and perform systematic analyses using standardized analytic routines.

Our lab collaborate with Dr. Park and his lab, who has an expertise in the data-driven reseach for the health science 

Check the Federated EHealth Big Data for Evidence Revolution Network (FEEDER-NET) 

Covid-19 Research

We acknowledge the COVID-19 vaccine and drug support disparity, especially for people in developing countries. Those underserved populations do not benefit much from the medical service. Such a fact may contribute to the emergence of a variety of COVID-19. As emerging new variants of the COVID-19 continued, the pandemic has been extended.

girl, child, poverty-5893963.jpg
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Our goal is to take a cost-benefit analysis
for current available COVID-19 drugs and
vaccines from the perspective of

The research would promote increasing
the quality of life in underserved populations.

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Check out NIH’s Plan on intervention
and vaccines for the Covid-19
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Contact Info.

Cho, Sung Kweon

Principal Investigator

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Lee, Yoojin

Research Instructor

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